Shiny Applications

Shiny UI Desinger
Enables the user to create a wireframe for a shiny application using drag-and-drop components.
Reddit Profile Analyser
Looks at the latest posts made and votes placed and runs some analysis over the latest activity on Reddit.
Wickham Number
Calculates the number of packages published you are on CRAN from Hadley Wickham (or any other CRAN contributor).
Pokémon 20 Questions
A 20 questions game based on the Pokémon from Generations 1-6.


A shiny application that allows the user to wireframe the UI of their own shiny application
Wrapper of the video.js package to enable interactive video player for shiny applications
Wrapper of the howler.js package to enable interactive audio player for shiny applications
A shiny extension to manipulate the web brower tab title
Extensions to {shiny.semantic} such as navbar layout and form validation
Shiny support for the Fomantic UI framework
Uses the iTunes Search API to pull data about iTunes and the iOS App Store